Our story

Driven by the desire to indulge people with the most delicious tastes, incredible aromas, and the best-looking designs, we traveled all over the world to find the best products. Our hunt for an exciting formula knew no limits and took us from London to Zurich and from New York to Dubai. We handpicked heavenly tastes, smells and sensations with the utmost care.

With love and pride we’d like to welcome you to experience the result of our quest: Chiqueolatte! Give a taste to one of our many coffees that have been roasted exclusively for us or try out one of our fifteen types of tea, each with its own story. Enjoy the wide range of unique chocolate flavors that originate from over fifty countries. Brace yourself for the ultimate feeling of happiness when we get the chocolate fondue or chocolate fountain on stage. But most importantly, make sure to turn your visit into a memorable experience.

Over the past two years we’ve developed and improved the Chiqueolatte concept, giving our customers an experience in chocolate heaven. We currently have multiple franchise locations connected to our concept. In addition to our Dutch locations, we’re also located in the United States, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg.

A true chocolate experience

A visit to ChiqueOLatte is an experience in which chcolate has the leading role. Inspired by the chocolate cafes in London the idea of Chiqueolatte arose; A place where you can enjoy hand crafted and special chocolate, fresh milled coffee, the most delicious sorts of tea and fresh pastries.

At arrival in the elegant and charming interior you will get embraced by the fragrance of chocolate, coffee and various sorts of tea. Scents that will stimulate and invite you to take place in the cosy and stylish interior right away, enhanced by a wall of chocolate bars. A pleasant place to catch up with friends in the cosy lounge corner or in one of the mini canalpremises, attainable through compatible stairs. Along with a cup of coffee or tea? In a beautiful glass with by its side a small bowl filled with chocolate, all drinks will be served in style with a quote.



We only serve coffee with an honest background; all of our coffee beans can be traced back to the original farmer. You can either scan the QR code on the packaging or scan our menu with your phone to get to the bottom of it. We’ll tell you which country your cup of coffee originated from and which farm produced the beans, along with some fascinating facts about coffee. Our farmers get a fair price, just the way it should be! Our beautiful coffees allow us to create many different recipes, so that we continue to surprise you. We also use other brewing methods in addition to our professional espresso machine. For example, we also brew coffee with a Chemex and a V60.


We only use loose tea leaves without additives and of very high quality. Our menu offers a wide range of different teas; loose tea blends varying from green tea to white and black tea. Our blends consist of dried tea leaves supplemented with dried fruits, flowers and various herbs.

Juices and fruit smoothies

Chiqueolatte only serves pure, 100% natural juices and smoothies without additives.

International drinks

Our chocolate paradise allows you make a world trip, offering various international specialties ranging from Indian Chai Latte to genuine Turkish or Arabic coffee. How about our chocolate milk you wonder? We don’t mess around; we melt our own chocolate for that so you’ll enjoy the same heavenly chocolate taste as you do with our bonbons or chocolate bars.


Handmade bonbons in different flavors and with different fillings. We’ve developed a daring concept with chocolate bonbons in challenging flavors such as broccoli and onion, but also champagne (non-alcoholic) it actually crackles in your mouth! and other ingredients that’ll astonish you for days.


We offer a rich assortment of pastries, with the best condiments, for your drink, ranging from cheesecake to red velvet cake to brownies.

Chocolate from all over the world

Our specially selected chocolate bars come from faraway places such as Congo and Haiti. They offer surprising tastes and are of the highest possible quality.


We offer a delicious breakfast, a high-quality lunch and various evening items on the menu. For example, a breakfast with egg and avocado, a tasty sandwich, a burger made from oyster mushrooms, a Poké bowl or the already famous Dutch pancake.

Special elements

We provide a unique concept and we like to spread that message with extraordinary accessories such as a chocolate fondue, chocolate fountain and a melting chocolate ball filled with fresh fruit and marshmallows. Obviously, a high tea and high chocolate are also part of our assortment.

A flexible concept

Chiqueolatte’s success is ready for expansion! We are looking for entrepreneurs who would like to take this challenge to expanse our unique concept with passion and love. As a young and dynamic enterprice we don’t like rigid workprotocols. Therefore, our concept is very flexible and easy to adjust to different surroundings and populations. Some products might work for one branch while it fails at another, franchisees are free to make their own choices herein.

By working with several suppliers and products we keep our assortment very rich and franchisees can easily find adjustment with the local flavours and perception culture. Besides this ChiqueOLatte is very suitable for shop-in- shopconcepts. We can be the sweet addition to existing horeca opportunities or even start our own department within the retail trade. This partnership between branches is very important and valuable to us and we see that our expertise and delicacies are a great addition on existing concepts.

Experience the quality

We don’t serve random chocolate, but only the very best. If you ever tried Dick Taylor’s or Georgia Ramon’s chocolate you will never return to others.

Tea lovers get sattisfied here. And How! Which blend of tea leaves, dried fruit and herbs fits you? Here you are allowed to smell, feel, and read until you find your best match. In a special glass with a thermometer you can make your own tea.

For the most delicious sorts of hot chocolate we have our own recipies. We also serve iced drinks and special composited biological sorts of tea. Many of our products are launched under a private lable.

For those who have trouble making a decision we have delicious arrangements to taste a little from everything. An extensive high tea with both sweet and savory snacks or a chocolate fountain or fondue with fresh fruit, marshmallows, cookies and hot chocolate. This also contains a bowl of bonbons to own choice.

Our mini canalpremises are very popular and adored by our visitors already. Take the stairs to get into the cosy cottages to have a nice chat.


Design and atmosphere

Store facilities and design have been developed around the values of Chiqueolatte. We’ve created a relaxed, open and refined atmosphere to make the customer feel at home, like a warm blanket if you will. A Chiqueolatte franchise deal comes with full design specifications and building support.

Menu development

We’re always looking for new recipes to complete our formula even more. The menu gets regular updates to make sure you can continue to surprise your guests. Furthermore, we will continue to look for the right mix of recipes through direct analysis of sales.


Chiqueolatte has developed a 6-week training course to fully prepare you for running your own branch. These weeks are used to teach you all the tricks of the trade. You’ll receive training in the preparation of all products, hospitality training, HACCP certified hygiene training and other necessary trainings. We ensure that you develop the skills you need to become a successful franchisee.


We’ll offer you a section on our website. This is convenient because it will allow you to introduce your own team or share your current local offers, without the hassle of creating or managing your own website.

Social Media Management

We provide a marketing manual that teaches you how to promote your branch.

Big Data Analysis

That might sound intimidating, but we make it simple and understandable. As an entrepreneur, you have to have a proper insight in your costs, prices, margins and such. We will present all of these numbers straightforward and up-to-date in a clear and easy to understand dashboard. This way you’ll keep a grip on your business.

Marketing & campaigns

We offer a total package, which means that all our franchisees will benefit from our total branding: all products such as bonbon boxes, coffee beans, to-go cups, etc. and our own labels are supplied in the style of Chiqueolatte.

Not only physical products, but also campaign materials and templates for your section on our main website or social media will be supplied by us.

Are you in?

Are you the entrepeneur with the right amount of love for chocolate, coffee and tea?

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